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Winter Travel Packing List

The beauty of winter travel is that 99% of the time, everyone is probably only going to see the outer layer of your clothing

Winter Travel Essentials


• Chapstick & Moisturizer:
The air during winter is dry as a bone and you’ll end up with chapped lips and dry skin within a few hours outside. Therefore, we highly recommend bringing a good quality lip balm with you during your trip! Check out some of our lip balms that comes in a variety of flavours and are extremely portable in our pockets. Not forgetting the importance of using a thick and heavy moisturizer in this arid condition. Tea Tree is one of our customers’ favourites as it has proven to improve dry skins and reduce irritations.

• Travel Adapter:
If there’s one thing you must pick as the most important gadget, it would be a travel adapter. Without it, our devices would be dead soon after touching down and this would affect us greatly now that technology plays such a crucial role in our daily lives from booking a cab to seeking directions and getting our way around.

• Raincoat:
Getting caught in the rain is inevitable during the trip due to weather changes and it can get messy. So, don’t forget to pack a raincoat in your day bag! It will come in handy when you need it most. Besides, carrying a raincoat is way more convenient and lightweight compared to an umbrella.

• Chemical Warmers:
There is nothing worse than getting cold hands and freezing in the harsh cold, unable to use your phones to take simple photos because your hands are freezing so bad you can’t do anything at all. Simply keep a packet of hand chemical warmers in your pockets and you’re covered for the rest of the day! The heat pack for the hands lasts for 18 hours a day! Which is more than enough for a day’s outing and activities. It is a great alternative for those who dislike wearing gloves!
What Clothing to Wear

Upper Body/ Top/ From the Waist Up

• Sweaters:
• Down Parka: If you’re travelling to sub degrees countries, your jacket is arguably your best friend as you’re relying on it to keep you warm from the snow and rain. It is best to choose a jacket which contains down feather. You don’t need to constantly change your jacket so just get a good one and you can use it throughout the trip. It is important to get a jacket which keeps you warm and dry and

• Trench Coat:

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• Thermal tights: These thermal tights are well-suited for temperatures ranging from 8 degrees to 15 degrees.

• Heat Pro: Serves as a base layer beneath a pair of thin leggings or pants. It is stretchable and can trap your body heat effectively within a short moment. This is suitable for countries which ranges from 5 degrees and above as it is flexible for a range of temperature. Some of us are more afraid of feeling warm rather than under dressed, hence this heat pro is suitable for this group of people as it can act as an outer layer legging by itself.
• Fleeced Leggings: This legging is one of our favourites as it saves the trouble of having to wear two layers of bottoms as it is lined with fleece inside which can keep you warm for temperatures up to 0 degrees.

Merino Wool Long John: What is merino wool and why exactly is it so good? Base layer is the most important layer of your winter clothing system which is made up of three layers; the outer shell for rain, snow and wind protection, the middle insulation layer and most importantly the base layer as it is the closest layer to our skin. Hence, it is crucial to choose a base layer that does not irritate your skin and get sweaty over long hours.

A good base layer made of the right material prevents the foul smell bacteria from growing and keeps you dry by removing the sweat and moisture off your skin, so you feel comfortable. Merino wool meets all the above criteria and is the best choice given its availability and value for money.

Merino wool comes from Merino Sheep and is best known for its soft and fine fibre which makes it extremely comfortable on our skin as compared to normal wool that tends to itch and irritate our skin. What makes merino unique from the other wool is its naturally long fibre length which makes it stronger than the rest. Moreover, it is extremely stretchable due to its natural crimp which also increases the loft making the thermal wear warmer.
Ski Pants:

Keeping Your Feet Warm

• Cashmere & Wool Socks: A pair of quality socks is crucial to keep your feet toasty warm in the harsh cold. Be sure to get socks that are primarily made of soft, heat-regulating wool like these. Our cashmere wool socks come in both thick and thin versions so customers can choose their preferred thickness. The fineness of fibre in cashmere allows it to trap more air than wool and the fact that air is an excellent insulator.

• Waterproof Boots:

Warm Accessories

Accessories are a great way to gear up your outfit and they are generally small enough to fit in your bags easily. Besides, they add colours to your outer wear and give a stylish finish look.
Focus on these accessories when packing for a winter trip as they play an essential role in keeping you warm throughout the journey:

• Hat: A good hat is an absolute necessity for winter travels. You want a hat that will stay on even when there’s a burst of gusty winds and keep your ears nice and warm. Besides, hats also double as a super cute accessory and completes your look for the day. Girls – you might want to pack a few colours for the shots.

• Scarf: As gusty winds send chills down our body, it is challenging for our bodies to adjust to the fluctuating temperatures and leaves us susceptible to catching a cold. A simple way to protect yourself from the cold is to choose a scarf of your preference and wear it. Girls might want to get a chunky scarf as there are many ways to wear it and stay warm in style.
• Gloves: There is nothing worse than getting cold hands from the extreme weather so bring a pair of gloves that works with touchscreens. It’s hard and unbearable to use your phones with those frozen hands so choose a knitted or leather glove to solve the problem.